Hi, I’m Michael Schwartz, and welcome to my site SleeponQ.com. Since the 1980s, I’ve been involved with helping people with sleep disorders. I am a nationally Registered and Licensed Sleep Technologist, Certified Clinical Sleep Educator, and Program Director of a nationally-accredited Clinical Sleep Health and Technology program at a major university. Over the years, I have recorded and analyzed the sleep patterns of thousands of patients in clinical and research sleep labs. I have helped train hundreds of sleep physicians and technologists in the recording and interpretation of sleep studies. I am here to help you sleep.

Poor sleep can be very challenging, both physically and mentally, and I can help.

I offer sleep coaching via cell or Skype call.  My approach is focused and effective, giving you specific strategies to help you get better sleep.  I have over 30 years of working patients and clients with sleep disorders and I can get your sleep back on track!

I offer Sleep Retreats!  Join me and a small group of others in beautiful southern Oregon who are working on their sleep.  Alternatively if you have a small group, let me know and I’ll come to you.  Sharing your experiences with insomnia or other sleep troubles with others can be a life-changing experience!

And lastly, many have found falling asleep much easier using my Sleep On Cue smartphone app.  The app is based on the scientifically-based process of Intensive Sleep Retraining.

Many people with chronic insomnia feel they have tried everything to sleep better.  My approach gets my clients looking at sleep in a different way, strengthening cues for sleep and making sleep easier. Improvements in sleep are often seen quickly!

Personally, I love spending time with my family, mountain biking, golfing, playing blues harmonica, and tuning up the old Buick.

And yes, I am a very sound sleeper!

Til Morning,