Sleep Coaching

Sleep affects everything about our physical and mental functioning, and for a myriad of reasons it can be difficult.

It may be any combination of trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, falling back to sleep, or waking early. It may be loud snoring (either you or your bed-partner) or strange behaviors at night. Or any combination of these. And often we turn to anything in desperation for help with sleep – pills, potions, gadgets or gimmicks – but they all ultimately fail.

When we are having trouble sleeping, we can feel as though we are alone in the struggle.  The experience of long, wake-filled nights can be difficult to share with friends or family.  Somehow everyone we know seems to sleep better than us.  But this is not the case: In 2013, the CDC declared insufficient sleep to be a public health epidemic.  You are not alone!

Thankfully, there is hope.  And it’s not another pill or gimmick. 

I am available for individual sleep coaching sessions via Skype or cell call.

Simply contact me, review my Terms and Conditions, and schedule a day/time for a 50 min session. You describe your sleep troubles, and I offer clear sleep strategies to get your sleep back on track. 

That’s it!

You’ll have full access to my years of experience in clinical sleep health.  If you have been keeping a sleep log, we can review that. If you have downloaded the Sleep On Cue smartphone app, I can review any sleep training summary graphs you may have.  I’m all about helping people who simply want to make sleep less of a struggle and more restorative.

So whether you’re trying to get to sleep easier, be awake less at night, or simply become more confident in your sleep, I hope you will let me help!

‘Til Morning,