Sleep Retreats

When you are having trouble sleeping, you can feel as though you are alone in the struggle.  The experience of long, wake-filled nights can be difficult to share with friends or family.  Sharing your struggle with others can dramatically help!

I am now offering 1/2-day small-group Sleep Retreats:

OPTION 1: Just you?  Join me in beautiful southern Oregon!

Location: Public Library, Jacksonville, Oregon

Cost: $25

OPTION 2: Got a group?  I’ll bring a sleep retreat to you! (email me for pricing)

Go beyond all the do’s and don’ts you’ve heard about sleep.  Tap into my 25+ years of professional, educational and clinical experience, and discover how to make sleep effortless and restorative, regardless of where you are physically or emotionally.  Hear the experiences of others who share similar struggles in a comfortable, welcoming, small-group environment.

This is not a boring, dry seminar.  This is an engaging all-day event that will have you identifying the root causes of your sleep struggles and the cognitive and behavioral strategies proven to help you sleep.

End your struggle for sleep.  Forever.

‘Til Morning,




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