Ep 5: Drop and Give Me 20!

In episode 5 of the Sleep On It! podcast, I talk about a way to make the most effective part (stimulus control) of the most effective way of overcoming insomnia (CBT-I) better. And it’s not doing a bunch of push-ups or joining the Army! It’s a really cool type of intensive sleep training, and it can work fast. How fast? That’s up to you.

Improved the sound quality with some microphone setting adjustments – thanks everyone for being patient while I figure out the technical stuff! And for those who have asked, it’s a B-flat Lee Oskar harmonica.

‘Til Morning,

The Harpoleptic

Ep 4: CBT-I (Not “CBD, Aye”)

In episode 4 of the Sleep On It podcast, I talk about how getting better at perceiving your sleep can be improved, how that leads to better sleep and less insomnia. The best way to do this is by using a collection of strategies designed to change behaviors, habits and thinking patterns about sleep called Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). The most supported of all the CBT-I strategies is called Stimulus Control: making the association between the bed and sleep stronger (think Pavlov’s dogs, but without the drooling). Enjoy!

‘Til Morning,

The Harpoleptic

Ep 3: At Least It Looks Cool!

Episode 3 of Sleep On It! podcast has me (“The Harpoleptic”) talking about sleep tracking with a wrist device, how that might actually not be good for people with insomnia (but they look cool!), and how there is no physical test for chronic insomnia (it’s subjective). Made some helpful adjustments to my microphone and software and podcast audio sounding better!

Ep 1: Sleep On It! Podcast

I have decided to do a regular podcast called Sleep On It!  I will be talking all things sleep: what we know about sleep, what we used to think sleep was, what happens during sleep, what happens to us with too little sleep, how to sleep better, and…me playing a little blues harmonica for bumper music!  It’s my new thing, and you can hear me get better (hopefully!) with each podcast.

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I just finished my initial recording – decided I just needed to get started and figure things out as I go! You can listen below. I will try to keep them short, around 5 min of me talking, and I will try my hardest to keep them interesting.  Who knows, you might get a chuckle, learn something, and even start sleeping better! Shoot me an email if you’d like me to talk about something specific!

Til Morning,

Michael, aka The Harpoleptic